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Juwai Common Number: In This Section, We will be talking about juwai teer common numbers Teer formula club Chart. Teer formula for teer common number is based on previous teer result. Well, teer method/Shillong Teer Night formula we are going to discuss for teer common number is may not be only a single method for calculation. There may be some similar kind of hidden calculation for teer common numbers. As we are not associated with any Assam teer game result. We are predicting the formula. However, you can modify the Shillong teer formula and accordingly play with your derived numbers and try your luck.

Khanapara Teer, Shillong Teer, Manipur Teer, Guwahati Teer /Juwai Common Number Update Live Here

24-Feb-2018 (Saturday)

Juwai Teer Target Number Live
Direct  House  Ending
49,22,37 2 2
Hit →94,53,47 4 7

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Juwai Teer Target Numer Today

In this section, you can get daily teer common number of juwai teer common number. We are not responsible for any kind of error that may occur in this juwai teer common numbers.

Assam Teer Target Number Today

In this way will get another number

Thus simply tweaking the above Juwai teer common number formula you can derive your own formula Club Chart and accordingly some set of numbers to play around it.

Khanapara[Guwahati] Teer/ Shillong Teer Common Number Juwai Common Number

Teer Common Number Juwai, khanapara Teer, Shillong: Common Numbers are provided on our site by our team. But it is not sure that common number will reflect as results. But still, daily basis our Target Number or House and Ending works. So we request our valuable users to play our numbers at own risk. Our team extract common numbers, Hit Numbers, House number and Ending from previous results using some certain calculation. So below we have listed some common numbers which shall play today